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Advocacy/Educational Advocate

Adversity presents itself in many forms. For instance, families may be facing difficulty with a complex issue or diagnosis such as a learning disability (LD), neurodiversity (ASD/Autism). behavioral issues, and/or mental health concerns, and are looking for placement support. They may be addressing challenges with their respective school district in regards to assessments such as IEP's, 504 Plans, etc. The district or school may be falling short of its responsibilities, e.g., not fulfilling services, etc. In some instances, parents (separation, divorce, court proceedings, etc.) may be in disagreement regarding which school or district a child/children should attend, leaving it up to the court(s) to make a decision as to where the students will attend school and which parent to live with. In these cases and others, you may be in need of an educational advocate.

  • Challenging placements - complex diagnoses which may include
    • Learning Disabilities (LD's), ADHD, and other related learning disorders
    • Neurodiversity (Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
    • Emotional conditions which require attention (see Therapeutic Placements)
    • Behavioral disorders/related conditions needing therapeutic milieu
  • Learning Supports and Special Education Considerations - 504 Plan & IEP's
    • Difficulty w/school/district w/establishing support
    • Difficulty w/school/district follow through - issues w/progression
    • Difficulty w/school/district w/transition from 504 Plan to IEP
    • Testing authorization issues, complications, interpretations
  • School and District Assessments
    • Detailed Written reports detailing one or multiple schools/districts
    • Recommendations for most appropriate fit, e.g., rating, size, community
    • Considerations for specialized programs (enrichment, AP. IB, learning supports, specialized learning support programs, athletics, mental health supports, anti-bullying initiatives, diversity, LGBTQ+ considerations, etc.

A Family's Experience with the College Search Process

Check out my latest article Learning Disabilities and College Admissions - The Price of Anonymityon students with learning disabilities and college placement. While the article largely centers on post-secondary placement, it highlights an SLD's progression through K-12 and beyond.

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