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College/University Placement

In terms of choosing an undergraduate college or university, there are more than 2,500 nationwide from which to choose. While college and university may be helpful, the sheer amount of information available can be overwhelming. There are certainly many things to consider such as:

  • What about your major? On average, college students changes their respective course of study twice during their undergraduate schooling. It is important to choose a school that has a curriculum flexible enough to satisfy your interests.
  • School visits - Even if you have settled on a finite list of schools, visiting all of these respective schools may prove to be too costly and
  • What standardized tests should I take?
  • How many times should I take them?
  • Should I take or ACT preparatory course (or TOEFL course, when applicable)? Will it make a difference in my score(s)?
  • When should I start looking at colleges, i.e., my sophomore year, junior year, etc?
  • I am currently in college but am thinking about transferring to a different school. What are my options?

No two individuals are alike. Therefore, the "one-size-fits-all approach" to college placement is at best an irresponsible notion. One student's number one might not be a good fit for another. Wright Educational Consulting services to take the guess work out of this daunting school selection process. Our services include (but are not limited to) the following procedures:

  • Initial visit with student and parent(s)
  • A thorough review of a student's academic and personal background
  • Recommendations for summer study/work/extra-curricular activities
  • Financial aid/scholarship recommendations/referrals
  • College and University list and time line action plan (traditional as well as specialty placement including pre-med, pre-law, art and technology focused study)
  • Standardized test recommendations/referrals/test preparation programs
  • Mentoring of admissions essays and applications
  • Interview preparation strategies
  • Best fit recommendations for acceptances//deferral
  • Post selection transitional advocacy during year and beyond
  • Consistent and open lines of communication between you and our staff
  • Access to us via face-to-face meetings either at our location or your home
  • Communication via face-to-face meetings, telephone, email, or Skype sessions

Wright Educational Consulting looks forward to working with your family in regards to your placement needs. Please contact us for information regarding the cost of our college and university placement and support services. Our services are charged on an hourly basis or package plans depending on the frequency and length of an assignment.

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