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Working with Peter on my daughter's transfer applications to a new school for 11th grade exceeded my expectations. It made me value the role of an educational consultant and Peter's approach to the process. Peter applied his knowledge of private schools and his ability to understand student individuality to introduce my daughter to schools we would not have recognized as great matches. Peter took the time to understand my daughter, Madi.



Madi had a short time frame to visit, test, interview and submit applications, but Peter's easygoing nature and collaborative work style made the process manageable and positive. As a direct result of working with Peter, she felt prepared and confident at every step of the process.


I especially appreciated Peter's thoughtful guidance after receiving acceptance letters; his consulting objective is to truly find the right fit school match for a student's future and not simply to get acceptance letters.



My daughter will be working with Peter on her college application process too!


Meagan Melville

West Roxbury. Massachusetts



Peter Wright worked with two of my children and I couldn't be happier with the results. Peter's work is thorough, precise, effective, and professional. Above all his humor, flexibility, and adaptability to the student's situations made the college admission process a delight!


Peter's insight and enthusiasm helps shine a light on the students' potential during the admission process. From the college selection process to essay critique to standardized test suggestions, Peter's vast experience in many realms of the admission process is priceless. I would not hesitate to engage Peter again for professional counseling.


My daughter Sofia , high school Class of 2019, is thriving at Cornell University School of Engineering; and my son Marco, Class of 2022, will attend Cornell University in the fall.


Iva Conte

Westwood, Massachusetts





We were referred to Peter by relatives when we were in crisis mode with our son. It was post-COVID-19, and our son went from an honor roll student before COVID-19 to simply losing all enthusiasm and motivation for school and not wanting to set foot back into his current high school. We worked with Peter to find a new school for our son. 


Peter was simply a lifesaver. In a very short amount of time, he evaluated our son's needs and worked with us to find a private school that would work for our son's unique situation. Our son had decided that he preferred to learn a trade versus the traditional college route. Our son was entering 11th grade, so transferring to a local Tech School was simply out of the question. In a few weeks, Peter found a school that was a perfect fit for our son, a prep school with a vocational program.



Peter's sense of urgency and understanding of our situation was incredible and made the entire experience a pleasure. He helped us navigate and expedite the whole process. Thanks to Peter, our son is back on track and thriving at his new school.



Paul and Vicki Benson

Waltham, Massachusetts




Hi Peter,


Thinking of you today. Carter graduates from high school tomorrow. A year early. Headed to Emmanuel College in September with an academic scholarship. It is thanks to you, your patience, guidance and hard work that Carter was able to complete junior high during those difficult years. And your guidance in getting us to Fusion Academy made all the difference. I am grateful. 



Marlborough, Massachusetts




Our experience with Peter from beginning to end was fabulous. He made our son feel at ease with the process and was approachable, reachable and knowledgeable. It was great to have Peter act as a middle man and he was someone Griffin could speak with independently, without us "shadowing." 


He helped with everything...selecting some schools that would not have otherwise been on our radar; writing the all-important essay; keeping Griffin on-track; offering support and encouragement every step of the way. 


We know that Griffin will have a great experience at UMASS Amherst as a member of the class of 2025. Our family would recommend Peter and his services to anyone who is beginning the college search adventure. 


Kristin and Mark Laverty

Plymouth, Massachusetts



We engaged Peter for our older daughter’s college admissions process, based on the recommendation from a colleague. Our daughter’s case was unique. She had finished high school in three years and had taken a gap year to work and do an extended internship. 

Peter was very insightful and saw the potential in her application right away, based on her grades and overall set of credentials. Peter mainly focuses on the academic and social fit of the student to the school which is all important. He is knowledgeable about colleges all around the country and has tons of first hand experience placing students in various settings. He relates well to teenagers and is always encouraging them to reach high while also being realistic.

We had a fun and rewarding experience with Peter and highly recommend his services to anyone.


Ram Venkat

Winchester, MA


I reached out to Peter in a complete panic and w/o knowing anything about him or his services. I needed guidance on a difficult circumstance w/my child’s high school situation. It was complex and involved multiple angles, people, contingencies and required a high degree of knowledge of kids, teachers and administrators.


At the time, my child was a senior and her graduation and subsequent admission to college were in jeopardy. Peter’s understanding, patience and empathy were instrumental in getting us through the end of the year, graduation and successful college entrance.

 I am doubtful we would have gotten there without him. I highly recommend anyone seeking guidance, direction or just honest, objective and knowledgeable feedback and advice in lower, upper or higher-ed to reach out to Peter asap. We couldn’t have been any happier w/our results. Thank you again Peter!!


David & Nancy Littman

Dedham, Massachusetts


When confronted with applying to colleges, our son Mitchell’s choices seemed to be very limited. We met with Peter

and our concerns considerably dissipated. Peter took us on a very deliberate and thoughtful process. Mitch is a very intelligent and delightful kid. However, he has significant social anxiety which is challenging for him, especially fitting in with mainstream kids. We were looking for an environment that would help him adjust to college life.


Peter worked closely with Mitch and made a number of suggestions for schools where Mitch would blend in and have every chance of success. He met with us frequently and steered us away from certain schools based upon his assessment of Mitch and his experience with those schools. Peter was available whenever we had questions or wanted to talk.


Mitch is a talented creative writer, a gamer and artistically talented. Peter recommended Champlain College as a number one choice. Mitch was accepted there and at other schools but we did choose Champlain. Mitch earned a 3.7 GPA his first semester. He’s still working on making friends but we believe that Champlain was the perfect school for him.  


Lori and Robert McIvor

Mansfield, Massachusetts


Hi Peter,

I hope this email finds you well.

As a parent, new and unversed in today’s college application process, I cannot express how grateful I was for your skill and candor in this process when we found you more than five years ago. Your knowledge is vast and without your guidance, I don’t believe the process would have been as smooth or successful for Allan. Your knowledge, kindness, empathy, and the prompt correspondence regarding the application and recruitment process sets both you and your services apart from other consulting services. When Allan and I started this process, we shopped around. Allan and I immediately felt comfortable with you on our first meeting. He said to me “Mom, I know it’s far but I think Peter gets me. I would like to work with him”.

This meant the world to me. As a parent to a child with social and learning differences, having Allan connect with someone who understood him and how his differences affect all aspects of his life was a Godsend. I felt that you would help him work through the process to find the best collegiate fit for him and his needs. We truly felt how vested you were in Allan’s future throughout the search and application process. We are both so very grateful for your genuine guidance.
Just wanted to thank you again. The college selection process four years ago resulted in Allan’s best fit at College of the Holy Cross. He graduated magna cum laude with departmental honors yesterday. He was a mathematics major with a statistics minor. A four year member of the rowing team. His choice with your guidance allowed vast experiences forging a lifetime of memories.

He will be starting a job in  insurance this July.

Thanks again.

Deb & Allan

Melrose, Massachusetts

Four years ago when our son was a freshman in high school, he began to really struggle academically as well as with his organizational skills. Starting sophomore year, our son began meeting with Peter on a regular basis and he helped our son through high school including the entire college process.

We saw monumental growth over the years that we believe wouldn’t have happened without Peter’s guidance. Through tutoring and coaching from Peter, our son increased his GPA by over a point. More importantly, Peter also challenged him to think about and achieve longer-term goals. He has developed confidence in his abilities and has matured into a more capable young adult.

Our son is now a freshman at a leading university that we didn’t feel was even a remote possibility a few years ago. Peter is a thoughtful coach and skillful teacher and we would strongly recommend him.

Jennie and Tom McGirr

Hingham, Massachusetts

My son began working with Peter at the start of his sophomore year. Saddled with learning differences, Peter worked as both my son's academic tutor as well as his college search advisor. My son is a little quirky. Peter took the time to really get to know him as an individual and was very insightful as to how best to work with him. He was also very flexible with his time. For instance, my son is a night owl, and Peter would often Skype with him in the evening.

We found the college search process that Peter did with my son to be extremely helpful. Not only did he coach him on what to expect when he gets to college, he came up with a comprehensive school that will be a good fit for him. The college my son ended up selecting was not initially on our radar. We would not have known about it if it had not been for Peter.

I would highly recommend working with Peter in both capacities, e.g., tutoring (Executive Functioning Coaching) and the college search process.

Betsy Mccall

Scituate, Massachusetts

Peter was recommended to us by our daughter's friend's older sister who had previously worked with him. Because this is our oldest daughter we had no idea what to expect or how Peter was going to help us. We also had no idea that we even needed help navigating her high school search.

All we knew and heard was that this was a very sensitive subject. Being in a private middle school there appeared to be lots of families who seemed to know the "ins and outs" of this process which we didn’t seem to understand.

Once we met Peter his calm, methodical, direct nature relaxed us all right from the start. We knew we were going to receive genuine objective guidance. As soon as our work began with Peter, our daughter felt empowered to drive her own educational choices, which ultimately helped her find a “true” match for her needs.

She was accepted at a fabulous school (Phillips Exeter Academy) which I can personally say we wouldn’t have initially considered without Peter's input and guidance. Peter is truly in the right profession. You will not be disappointed!

Patricia Harrington

North Reading, Massachusetts

Our daughter was moving her way through High School, but there was a sense of and a lack of organization in her approach to her work. We had incorporated math tutoring to assist our daughter in both math and science, but the gap seemed to remain in the way of her organizational preparation. We were more than thrilled to find a coach in Peter Wright in Norwell, and after a first session to get a sense of the opportunity, we quickly pursued engaging Peter to coach and assist our daughter during her senior year in High School. In short order, our daughter started completing work on time, preparing a little earlier for assignments and exams, and overall she began to develop a more organized approach to her work.

Peter also knew our daughter well enough to be a guide for us when it came time to select colleges. His knowledge and personal network across so many higher institutions truly helped shape our approach. What has also been a fruitful outcome is that Peter continues to SKYPE our daughter as she works her way through college: from conversing with her on "dorm life", helping her prepare for her week, to also reviewing her drafts and paper outlines.

Peter has proven to be a friend, a guide, and a mentor for our daughter, and he has been a real relief to us since the anxiety of expectations from parents is rather neutralized by Peter being that "3rd party". We can't overstate how valuable this partnership has been for us all.


Mary and Paul Sheedy

Norwell, Massachusetts

Peter made a strong connection with our son providing a separate, credible voice that opened us up to a broader set of educational options to consider. He then helped us navigate and find the school that was the best fit. The result has been transformational.

Deb & Chris Brown

Marshfield, Massachusetts

Six months ago my son was at a loss trying figure out what college to attend because of his autism. After not knowing what to do, we got in contact with Peter through Quantum Prep. Not only has Peter been nothing short of spectacular, my son will not go a week without talking to him.

In all the years that we have been dealing with my son's ASD diagnosis, Peter has been the biggest help because he can empathize with my son. Peter clearly has helped my son get on track and he is so much happier for it.

Bob Levenson

Chicago, Illinois

Testimonial for Peter Wright

When we decided to look for private schools for both of our children, I was overwhelmed. My daughter had been sick for four years with an autoimmune condition and had been in and out of schools while receiving medical treatment.

My son had some attention-related issues and school changes. Our stories were a little different from the norm. From the first time I met Peter, I was instantly at ease. He clearly knows his line of work, but there is more to him than that. He has a kind, easy way about him but is diligent in every single detail.

Peter’s experience as a teacher, and guidance counselor really shows in his work with clients. There were many times I would call Peter and he would call back right away. Peter also cares about each individual student and has a unique way of letting future schools know all of their strengths.

I really don’t know what I would have done without him. I have referred many friends to him and I look forward to his help with the college application process.


Norwell, Massachusetts

We have had the pleasure of working with Peter for the past 18+ months. Peter was an essential part of the college application process for our oldest son, Derek, on a number of different levels. Peter worked with Derek to review his essays, providing valuable feedback, especially noting when Derek's own particular “voice” was heard. His ability to identify what would stand out most to a school was invaluable.

Peter spent an exceptional amount of time assisting Derek to determine what his list of schools could be and took considerable time to help Derek refine his goals in establishing this list. As this was our first time delving into the college application process, developing a strategy and a way to ensure Derek's goals and needs would be met was important.

Peter worked closely with us to develop this strategy and uncover numerous angles in order to do so. His current knowledge of the process proved to be far beyond the other counselors we encountered who seemed to be stuck in the same approach they had been using for years, failing to stay up to date with any advancements and changes numerous colleges have made in their processes of reviewing applications.

We were fortunate to have Peter's advice and expertise at our disposal. It kept us all from jumping off the proverbial ledge.

Leslie and Graham Silliman

Barnstable, Massachusetts

After initiating the college application process for our daughter, my wife and I were surprised to see how competitive schools had become and how much the application process has changed since we attended college. Additionally, the guidance counselors at her high school did not have the bandwidth to give her the personalized attention we were hoping. As a result, we turned to Peter to help us navigate the application process and differentiate our daughter as a candidate.

For the first few meetings, Peter took the time to understand Julia’s interests, and educational objectives. From there, he helped us come up with a list of colleges that would be good fits for her, including the right balance of “reach” schools. He had firsthand knowledge and a deep understanding of the cultural and educational attributes of almost all of the potential colleges we discussed, which helped immensely to narrow her list.

As we moved on to the common application and supplemental essays, he helped her focus on unique qualities that would make her an attractive candidate. He provided invaluable editorial insights and he consistently challenged her to bring out these qualities in her writing style. This led to a new found confidence in her writing ability, which resulted in a genuine enthusiasm her to utilize the essays as a mechanism for prospective schools to evaluate her beyond her transcript or extracurricular activities.

Since her junior year, our daughter has had a clear number one choice of college. This college has a very competitive admissions process and certainly was one of her “reach” schools. I’m happy to say that she was accepted to this school and has since committed to attend in the fall of 2015. I truly believe that Peter’s efforts and guidance strengthened her overall application and differentiated her as a candidate. His personalized attention went far beyond what we expected and was a critical success factor in her acceptance. I have already recommended him to friends and we look forward to working with him when our other kids go through the same process.

The Murrays

Duxbury, Massachusetts

The process of finding the right school for your child can be overwhelming. What schools present on their websites is not always the actual scoop. We had applied to what we thought was our first and only choice for our son. We quickly became aware that this was not a good idea and that we needed a few “safety” schools. Schools generally don’t advertise that they are “safety” schools and therefore trying to find three or four more schools that would compliment our first choice was not an easy task.

After a Google search for Educational Consultants on the south shore of Boston, I found Peter's website and quickly realized that he resides in Norwell, MA for most of the year. We have a summer home in Norwell, so Peter's base location seemed fitting. After our initial telephone conversation, we carried on very easily via Skype while Peter was in Florida and we were in St. Martin.

Peter was instrumental in taking the guesswork out of the school search process for us. He was able to give us the "inside scoop", work with our specific needs and guide us into a decision that has worked very well for our son. His knowledge of each school’s intangibles not only saved us but also turned a questionable decision into the right decision. Peter’s guidance has proven to be invaluable for us.

The Petrelluzzi Family

Norwell, Massachusetts

St. Martin, French West Indies

During the summer before my freshman year, my parents and I were looking for an educational consultant who could help me with my applications to secondary schools. We found Mr. Wright's name on the Internet and decided to meet with him to see what advice he had to offer.

It was clear that he had considerable experience dealing with applications and could help me in the areas I struggled with. We especially liked that he knew so much about secondary schools in the area and their admission process.

I met with Mr. Wright once every few weeks. He assisted me with various aspects of the application, from creating a suitable list of schools to keeping track of due dates and forms.

The part which I most appreciated was his help on the short answers and essay questions, the most difficult part for me. I knew what I wanted to say but struggled to put it into words. Mr. Wright helped me articulate my ideas, spending our meetings carefully going over each essay with me. He was so committed to helping me that he Skyped with me while he was in Florida to wrap up my application for submission.

In the end our hard work paid off and I was accepted to five out of seven schools, including my top choice, Phillips Andover. I have been attending school here as a day student for three months now and I can not imagine being anywhere else. I am so grateful for the support and insight Mr. Wright provided me during my to secondary school search.

S.R., Tufts University

Andover, Massachusetts

We found Peter Wright’s name on the internet in the summer before our son Paul’s junior year. We first met with Peter in August in order to motivate Paul who needed to start thinking ahead about choosing potential colleges. After a couple of Peter suggested that he wanted to meet alone with was perfect because we wanted Paul to take responsibility the college choice and application process.

Paul met with Peter perhaps a dozen times and benefited greatly from the process. Peter was extremely good at relating to Paul and in understanding his strengths and weaknesses and helping Paul define what he wanted in a school. Peter then helped to find colleges that fit the profile that Paul wanted and were realistic choices for him. We used this information to help guide us in dealing with Paul’s school Guidance Counselor who sometimes discouraged us from thinking about particular schools while Peter always encouraged Paul.

We visited ten schools and Paul applied to five “early admission” and got into all five schools. He is now currently a freshman at his first choice school (Bard)! He is playing on the lacrosse team, working 16 hours a week in a paying job building sets for the theater program, and working very hard his academics.

As we felt that Peter’s involvement with Paul played a major part in achieving a successful outcome: having Paul go to a college that was right for him. We have recommended Peter to several of our friends who have had good luck working with him as well. Peter’s strength, besides knowing the schools and the process, is relating effectively with the student.

From the beginning, against my expectation, Paul liked going to see Peter which resulted in him “buying in” to the process and achieving a positive result. It also helped Paul be more motivated in his junior and senior years and achieving high honors in his final term which was a great finish to successful junior and senior years in high school. If we had another, child we would definitely go to Peter again.

Rick Presbrey and Melanie Powers

Marstons Mills, Massachusetts  

I was fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to allow Mr. Wright to transform not only my approach to but more importantly, my approach to life. I met Mr. Wright as a young high school student in a college preparatory history class. I had always been a C+/B- student, with a very lukewarm approach to class and college placement. Mr. Wright was quick to pull me aside and explain to me the degrees of intelligence he saw in me that I myself, and every other educator I had before, just failed to notice.

My family and I were very excited about upcoming college decisions. But the journey did not end there. I remember two days before my 18 birthday getting the “wait list” letter from Syracuse University—my top choice. It was not a great feeling. I remember speaking with Mr. Wright about it soon thereafter, him trying to reassure confidence in me with his wealth of knowledge on the college acceptance process, especially for big research universities.

Over the next month, Mr. Wright was in frequent contact with the Admissions Department at Syracuse explaining to them my hardworking approach to academics. He explained to them my extracurricular successes. He explained to them my personal successes. Essentially, he explained the type of student I had been, the type of student I was, and the type of student I was becoming. Later that month, I received a call from the Admissions Department informing me of my acceptance. Moreover, I received a significant award for my academic and extracurricular successes—a $25,000 a year scholarship.

Today, I travel the world as a chemical engineer for Applied Analytics Inc. At a young age, I have already done work at the biggest oil companies in the world in Saudi Aramco and Petronas.

The confidence I gained in myself in my high school years under Mr. Wright’s guidance is the driving force in my craft. Of all the great lessons I learned from Mr. Wright, the greatest one of all was how to believe in myself—how to believe in my intellect, how to believe in my abilities, and how to believe in my personal growth.

Ryan Graham

Syracuse University, Class of 2011

Burlington Massachusetts

I have had the pleasure of knowing Peter Wright first as a History teacher at Malden Catholic High School, Malden, Massachusetts for my son Matthew and later as the Director of Guidance/ College Placement with Nazareth Academy in Wakefield, Massachusetts for my daughter Elizabeth.

Mr. Wright taught Matthew during his sophomore year of high school. His history classes were intellectual, challenging and engaging. His creative style of teaching flowed even to the design of the seating in the classroom. It was in this classroom that sparked the love of history for Matthew.

I then had the opportunity to interact with Peter at Nazareth Academy during Elizabeth’s senior year. The college process is filled with questions, deadlines and incredible stress. Both Matthew and Elizabeth were seniors and applying to various schools. It did not matter that Matthew was no longer Peter’s student as the assistance he gave Matthew was as if he were his guidance counselor as well as Elizabeth’s.

I clearly remember having a conversation with Peter during the end of Elizabeth’s senior year. She had been accepted to Boston College. This in itself was a role Peter played a huge part in. However, I was concerned regarding financial aid. Peter made phone call after phone call on behalf of Elizabeth. His wealth of knowledge with scholarships was vast. He navigated this process and Elizabeth received a tremendous financial package as a result.

Matthew is now a very involved sophomore at Stonehill College. His major is History. Elizabeth is an equally involved sophomore at Boston College. Elizabeth is in the International Studies program. Peter Wright has impacted both of my children in extremely positive ways. I would highly recommend Peter Wright in any capacity, especially as a College or High School placement Counselor.

Beth Farrenkopf

Strongwater Crossing Sales

Lynnfield, Massachusetts

Everyone has that once-in-a-lifetime teacher that leaves an indelible mark. For me, that teacher was Mr. Wright, who truly was "my rock" during the crucial transitional period known as high school. Mr. Wright literally never failed me inside or outside of the classroom. A constant source of insight, guidance, and assistance, Mr. Wright dedicated hours and hours to me succeed. Because of him, I graduated in the top 5% of my class.

When the time came to look at colleges, Mr. Wright helped me get into one of the top liberal arts schools in the nation. When the transition to college proved difficult, Mr. Wright was more than happy to help me again, providing invaluable advice regarding my career path and life choices. I am now following my dream - I am a professional writer, currently working for one of the nation's largest privately-held financial companies.

My success all comes back to the day I first set foot into Mr. Wright's history class and met an educator who truly knows what it takes to be "a teacher." He remains a mentor and friend to this day, nearly a decade later, and I am honored to call him my teacher.

Gavin Corey

College of the Holy Cross, Class of 2010

Waltham, Massachusetts

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