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Professional Affiliations

The Value of an Educational Consultant

The process of choosing a high school, college, or graduate/professional program is certainly a daunting one. There are so many from which to choose and competition for spots at many schools and colleges is at a premium. Families without knowledge of the industry, the application process, and other related contexts are at a disadvantage.

Independent educational consultants work one- on-one with your child and your family. They match their skills to to your needs (as opposed to the institution that employs them). Please click on the article entitled The Value of an Educational Consultant and Why Hire An IECA to learn more regarding the Independent Educational Consultant Association (IECA). Another 2013 article Independent Educational Consulting: Expert Guidance on the Rise provides additional insight into selecting IEC's and the type of certifications which are available in the industry.

What are Certified Educational Planners (CEP's)?

Certified educational planners are endorsed by the American Institute of Certified Educational Planners (AICEP). CEPs have demonstrated the education, experience and high standards required by the Institute as exemplified by:

  • Possessing a master’s degree or higher in a relevant field
  • A passing score on a comprehensive examination
  • Visiting a minimum of 100 educational institutions within the initial five years
  • Demonstrating expertise through membership in relevant associations
  • Leadership and experience in the counseling profession, speaking engagements and books and articles published.
  • Pledging to adhere to the AICEP Principles of Good Practice.

Why choose a CEP?

Certified Educational Planners represent the highest level of professional standards. They demonstrate extensive knowledge, expertise and experience in the field of educational planning. CEPs provide you with the broadest and most informed educational choices for your child.

The National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs

(NATSAP) credentials schools, programs, and consultancies committed to working with individuals "beleaguered by emotional and behavioral difficulties". 

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